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  • We have built our reputation with the integrity for doing the best and difficult demolitions for 3 generations our old motto used to be “If you don’t see it, we’ve done our job!”
  • Now diversified with several affiliate companies Stamford Wrecking Company gives the Owner and their CMs an unparalleled choice for One-Stop Service. We can literally do it all from demolition, remediation, civil & site work to General Construction work.
  • Our depth of knowledge from 87 over the years brings with it of job cost saving techniques which makes our clients confident and comfortable with choosing Stamford Wrecking Company and any of our affiliates.  
  •  Let us take a look at your project.

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Environmental - Mold

Mold removal

Mold is a living organism that can infest most structures. Its spores are present on building materials prior to installation. These spores remain dormant until moisture comes in contact with them and they grow into mold colonies.

The adverse health effects to humans and animals may vary by exposure, sensitivity and mold type. The adverse health effects associated with inhalation are from two sources: the physical spore and the vapor given off by the spores respiration. Mold abatement includes the removal and replacement of the contaminated materials, i.e. wall board, ceiling tiles, carpets, etc. A thorough disinfection of non-porous surfaces is also performed. Let Stamford Wrecking Company help you with your mold abatement project.