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Why Choose Us

  • We have built our reputation with the integrity for doing the best and difficult demolitions for 3 generations our old motto used to be “If you don’t see it, we’ve done our job!”
  • Now diversified with several affiliate companies Stamford Wrecking Company gives the Owner and their CMs an unparalleled choice for One-Stop Service. We can literally do it all from demolition, remediation, civil & site work to General Construction work.
  • Our depth of knowledge from 87 over the years brings with it of job cost saving techniques which makes our clients confident and comfortable with choosing Stamford Wrecking Company and any of our affiliates.  
  •  Let us take a look at your project.

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Mass Demolition

Mass Demolition

Established in 1926, Stamford Wrecking Company is now one of the Northeast's largest demolition and environmental companies. Our 250 employees develop and implement creative and cost effective work practices enabling safe and timely projects. Stamford Wrecking Company is licensed, bonded and insured. Our environmental remediation services include: tank pulls, asbestos, lead, mold, chemicals, contaminated soil, heavy metals, PCBs and pesticides.

Specialty mass demolition projects such as water tanks, smoke stacks, party walls and dismantlements are routine for Stamford Wrecking Company. Stamford Wrecking Company also regularly works in hospitals and the food, chemical and drug industries. Our clients include developers, federal, state, county and municipal government entities as well as publicly traded and privately held companies.

Our attention to details has made our Construction Services Division very successful. Stamford Wrecking crews are presently operating in several states installing and rehabilitating bridges, dams, and culverts. Our in house engineering staff can help you solve your toughest civil engineering problems.

Commitment to Excellence

  • Stamford Wrecking Company’s operations group consists of our engineering, estimating and project management staff. Working together, your project is assured professional handling from its conception to its final completion.
  • Understanding our clients’ needs for documentation, Stamford Wrecking Company has implemented a document retention policy through which documents can be provide years after work has been completed.
  • Stamford Wrecking Company is fully committed to recycling and the environment. We are a proven participant in the "Leeds Recycling Program".